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Aardvark Geotechnical, Engineering and Testing (AGE) and its staff members have many years of experience in conducting geotechnical engineering services. 

Aardvark Geotechnical Engineering and Testing specializes in top-notch Geotechnical Engineering services. We serve Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, Vermont, Maine and beyond, delivering expert solutions for your project's success.

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  Geotechnical Investigations

  Test Boring & Test Pit Monitoring

  Material Confirmation & Compaction Testing

  Slope Stability Analysis

  Preparation Of Dewatering Procedures

  Foundation Review

  Bearing Capacity Determination

  Seismic Monitoring

  Soil Conductivity

  Coastal Engineering
  Construction Survey
  Groundwater Monitoring
  Settlement Monitoring
  Stress Monitoring
  Vibration Monitoring

  Ledge Probe

  Estimated Seasonal High Groundwater (ESHGW)

Geotechnical Engineering

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